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Science Exploration Night

Yokomi’s Science Exploration Night, is an exhilarating evening where the spirit of scientific curiosity comes alive! This event is a celebration of learning and discovery, bringing together students and their families to engage in a multitude of exciting science and engineering challenges. Science Exploration Night encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and a deep appreciation for the marvels of science.

We hope Exploration Night will ignite the spark of curiosity in the hearts and minds of our students and their families.

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Yokomi’s Backpack Food Support Program

Black History Month Guest Speakers

Yokomi Elementary School recently celebrated Black History Month by inviting guest speakers to talk to the students about African American history, culture, and achievements. The lineup of speakers included Tiffany Mangum, Eli Harvey, Channelle Williams, Calvin Bell, Regina Banks, and Deputy Mayor Matthew Grundy. The speakers shared their personal experiences and insights, and the students were engaged and inspired by their stories. The event was a great success, and it helped the students gain a better understanding and appreciation of Black history and culture.

Black History Month Door Designs

Loteria and Hispanic Heritage Night

Haru Matsuri Day

Every spring, Yokomi celebrates Haru Matsuri. The Haru Matsuri “Spring Festival” celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander Culture through martial art demonstrations, cultural dancers, musical performances, cultural demonstrations, Asian food vendors, Asian inspired art, and traditional dress.

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Yokomi Exploration Day

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