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Band is offered to students in Grades 5 and 6. All 4th graders are taught basic music skills with recorders which prepares them for band if they choose to continue in music. There is a band section (including brass and percussion) and also a strings section. Students will perform in both the Winter and Spring Programs. Band is a great learning experience for those who choose to be involved. Many of the students continue to be in band in middle school and high school.

Students attend band during the school day so must be able to keep up with their missed studies to participate.

TLC (Tomorrow’s Leadership Club)

The TLC Club members are chosen by teacher recommendation. The members can be in 1st – 6th grade. These team members focus on bettering the Yokomi community by doing community service projects both inside and outside of the school. These students are learning skills to be future civic leaders. The club meets one day each week after school.

Science Olympiad

Students in Grades 4-6 can participate in Science Olympiad. These students prepare to compete in various science activities chosen by the Science Olympiad Committee. The students meet after school to learn and practice their skills.

They go to Sunnyside High School on the day of competition to compete against many other students from across Fresno County. It is an exciting and fun-filled day for all involved.

Click here to learn more about Science Olympiad.

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